40 Ideas for 40 Days—Lenten Activities: Avoiding Temptations


Avoiding Temptations

  • Arrange the young people in pairs and invite them to brainstorm a list of temptations that young people their age can try to avoid during Lent. (Examples: gossiping, calling people names, being lazy, and so on.)
  • Then, have them identify strategies for resisting temptation. (Examples: praying, doing another activity to avoid thinking about the temptation, talking to a parent, teacher, or older friend/relative, and so on.)
  • Have each pair report their ideas to the whole group.
  • Encourage the young people to make an effort to resist these temptations during Lent.
  • Invite volunteers to read aloud Mark 1: 12–15 (Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness).
  • Emphasize that during Lent, we can go to Jesus to ask for help in resisting temptations, because he understands and can help us to be strong.

40 Ideas for 40 Days
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40 Ideas for 40 Days
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17 Comments on 40 Ideas for 40 Days—Lenten Activities: Avoiding Temptations

  1. Joe, thank you for the video clip answering questions about Lent. I’ll share this site with catechists so that they can have a concise and age-appropriate way to explain some of our Lenten rituals and traditions to children.

    • Great, Nancy. I’m glad you found the video helpful. I hope you and all those associated with your RE program have a blessed Lenten season.

  2. The video was great. I have recommended it to my Catechists and used it with our 7-9 grades. You are a great resource to us all. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge.

    • Sharon, thanks for the great feedback. It’s my pleasure and a privilege to be a resource to the catechetical community in this way. Have a blessed Lent.

  3. I was directed here by Nancy Polacek at St John of the Cross. What a great resource. I teach YC and am always looking for ways to engage the kids.

    • Hi Melissa! Any friend of Nancy Polacek is a friend of mine! What a great lady she is. I’m glad you found my site and I hope you find resources that can help you in your youth ministry. Have a blessed Lent.

  4. This site was sent to me by our Director of Religious Education, form St. Thomas Becket. My wife and I really enjoyed listening to this video and we will be using in our next class for the 7th graders. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Vin! Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that I can be a resource for you and your wife and your 7th graders. I look forward to hearing more from you about your experiences as catechists!

  5. Hi Joe,

    I am looking at this following your wonderful webinar earlier this week. It looks to be something from last year. Everyone is talking about a ‘wonderful video’ that I am not finding. Can you help me out?


  6. I used your video as a review with my sophomore and senior students on Tuesday to get them ready for Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent – Hearing from others is always good.


  7. I used your video as a brief review with my sophomore and senior students on Tuesday, just as a brief way to get them ready for the Lenten season. I think it is good for them to hear someone else speak on these topics.

  8. Joe, I just wanted to let you know that the suggestion to offer
    the fasting for a particular person each day has been a big
    help to me so far this Lent. When I am tempted to break
    my Lenten resolution I think of the person I am offering
    the fast for and it helps me to make the sacrifice.

    • Mary, I’m glad this suggestion is proving to be effective for you. It seems to me the more we approach our fasting within a spiritual context, the more we can grow from the experience, rather than just sitting around thinking, “I’M HUNGRY!” 🙂

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