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We had a very nice class last night with 8 of 10 students present for their first class session after Confirmation (and the DRE received calls explaining the 2 absences). The kids had a very pleasant attitude about Confirmation…they seemed genuinely proud and there was no resentment about being back in class – the message had been conveyed that Confirmation is not the end!

The post-confirmation guided reflection went very nicely! Several of the other 8th grade catechists used it as well. You may want to adapt it to your setting.

Anyway, the BEFORE AND AFTER that I’m referring to in my title for this post is not about before and after Confirmation, but about the room in which I teach! I’ve alluded before to how important it is to create an environment that is conducive to faith formation and prayer. I teach in a science room! I have 15 minutes to get in to my room and to try to transform it in some small way. Here are couple of pics that show what I’m able to accomplish in the short time I have:

BEFORE - a science room
BEFORE - a science room
AFTER - a climate conducive to prayer and faith formation
AFTER – a climate conducive to prayer and faith formation

P.S. this does not mean that I don’t use the tables from time to time when they are needed for writing and other activities

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  1. Thanks for the picture-it makes it easier to visualize. Now speaking as a regular classroom teacher–you do return it to the original condition, right?

  2. Looks great- but I understand Teri’s concern (May3 post)- my classroom is individual (full) one piece desks. I generally enlist the kids to form our circle and ask them to remember where the desk was and return it there at the end of class. Of course I do the final re-arranging and straightening. I’m thinking next time to tape a card to each (row 1/desk 1) to help me keep them straight! And lable them every class! I want to stay on the good side of the teacher!

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