Searchable Online Version of the Catechism – Every Catechist Should Add This to Your Favorites!

At long last, the U.S. bishops have introduced a searchable online version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the USCCB Website. Thanks to my friend Joyce Donahue for “breaking the story” and sharing it on Facebook so that we can spread the word. Every catechist should add this to your “Favorites” in your browser for quick reference when you are looking for clarification on a Church teaching.

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16 Comments on Searchable Online Version of the Catechism – Every Catechist Should Add This to Your Favorites!

  1. What does the catechism say about celebrating the Chinese or Vietnamese, Year of the dragon, or pig, etc…?

    Where would I find issues like this in the catechism?

    • Hi Norma, While the Catechism doesn’t specifically address the examples you give, it does address culture and inculturation in general. I encourage you to use a search engine to find references in the Catechism to both culture and inculturation. The bottom line is that the Gospel must take flesh which means that it must dialogue with existing cultures. The Chinese/Vietnamese New Year celebrations are primarily cultural and not overtly religious so there is no more harm in celebrating them then there is for Americans to celebrate New Year’s Day. Such occasions give us an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel. Here is an example of Catholics in Vancouver bringing these realities together:

      I hope this is helpful.

  2. I cannot seem to get the catechism to work on my MAC. the site comes up but it is blank. Is it a browser issue or is there a problem with the site

    • Henry, since this post was first published, the USCCB updated the link. I have corrected it on our site, so please try again.

      Catechist’s Journey Editor

      • It seems as if it is no longer searchable. Is that true or am I just missing something? It also used to allow you to change the pages just like turning a page in a real book. Am I perhaps thinking of a different one?

        • Jim, that is a feature running with Flash technology, which some browsers block by default now. You are probably seeing the basic HTML version from this link, first posted in 2012.

          Catechist’s Journey Editor

  3. The Knights of Columbus used to have a searchable, online version of the CCC, which was very useful. But it appears to be gone, can’t find it now.

    The title suggests that the USCCB has a searchable CCC, Does anyone know if the USCCB asked the KofC to take down their searchable CCC?

    • I sure miss that user friendly site. The Vatican site for the Catechism is not user friendly at all. Unfortunately, the USCCB site (such as Bible search), is not user friendly. I have to google the scripture I want, get the reference, and then go to the USCCB site for the Catholic version. We need an easily searchable Bible and Catechism available for all Catholics through the USCCB site. I pray our Bishops will hear and make these things available to all Catholics.

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