What Grade Will Joe Teach Next Year? Drum Roll Please…

At this time of the year, I get many questions from people asking what grade I will be teaching next year. The last couple of years, I taught 6th grade. Before that, I did a year of 4th grade and previous to that, I did several years of 8th grade Confirmation.

So, just what WILL I be teaching next year? Drum roll please…


340013RKTRGB1I am so excited to be turning my attention to what the General Directory for Catechesis refers to as the “chief form of catechesis” toward which all other forms of catechesis “are in some way oriented.” (59)

Adult catechesis covers such a wide range of experiences including first and foremost, RCIA as well as Scripture study, faith sharing groups, parent meetings (especially sacramental prep for their children), liturgical catechesis, systematic catechesis, occasional catechesis, and so on.

I will be exploring many of these forms of catechesis, reporting on efforts taking place at primarily 2 parishes in Chicago where I will be offering my services: St. Cajetan (where I served as a catechist last year) and St. Barnabas.

In some cases, I will be reporting in depth on adult faith formation initiatives already taking place in these parishes that are successful, sharing with you the nuts and bolts of how the staff at these parishes have developed, implemented, and sustained these efforts. In other cases, I will be working with the staff of these parishes to bolster existing adult faith formation efforts and to develop new ones, once again, reporting on the details from start to finish so that you can take the information, apply and adapt it to your own circumstances, and grow in your efforts to make adult faith formation more of a priority in your parish.

That does NOT mean, however, that Catechist’s Journey will lose its focus on child catechesis. Rather, I look forward to expanding my blog to bring in other voices to share on what they are doing in child catechesis and I will eagerly add my thoughts, comments, and ideas to their contributions.

So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a new adventure on the Catechist’s Journey!

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Joe Paprocki, DMin, is National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press, where, in addition to his traveling/speaking responsibilities, he works on the development team for faith formation curriculum resources including Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts and God’s Gift: Reconciliation and Eucharist. Joe has more than 35 years of experience in ministry and has presented keynotes, presentations, and workshops in more than 100 dioceses in North America. Joe is a frequent presenter at national conferences including the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, the Mid-Atlantic Congress, and the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. He is the author of numerous books, including the best seller The Catechist’s Toolbox, A Church on the Move, Under the Influence of Jesus, and Called to Be Catholic—a bilingual, foundational supplemental program that helps young people know their faith and grow in their relationship with God. Joe is also the series editor for the Effective Catechetical Leader and blogs about his experiences in faith formation at www.catechistsjourney.com.

6 Comments on What Grade Will Joe Teach Next Year? Drum Roll Please…

  1. Joe,
    I am so excited to read about you doing adult catechesis. I have been working on the adult faith formation certificate through the University of Dayton. In my parish, I work with a great group of volunteers on the Catechetical Board. This year we are looking at adult catechesis in the parish and how we move forward with presentation, small faith groups, etc.


    • Thanks Nancy! I’m very excited as well. I look forward to some meaningful conversations with you and others about adult faith formation!

  2. I am a retired DRE now, but during my active years in ministry I worked with both the young and with adults. Now I write about Catholic spirituality for my parish bulletin, and I consider adults my audience. So, I catechize through the written word. I look forward to your insights, Joe.

  3. AWESOME!! My Knights of Columbus council is starting an adult catechesis this evening after the general meeting. It will help shore up and deepen our understanding of the faith as well as serve as a ministry/outreach tool for those that may have been away from the Church for a while.

    I went through my 6th grade faith formation lesson plans to come up with a schedule… I’m SO looking forward to your updates!!!

    Keep up the great work!

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