Starting the Catechetical Year

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In the next few weeks, many of us will be starting the new catechetical year. Before walking into the classroom to meet your group, find advice and inspiration with some of our favorite starting-the-year posts.

Getting Started as a Catechist Webinars
Our blog host Joe Paprocki helps new catechists get acclimated to the ministry in a series of recorded webinars. Select the group you’re working with for age-level specific advice.

Five Tips for Working with Little Children
Teacher and past Director of Faith Formation Heather Felton shares advice for working with younger children in faith formation sessions.

How Do You Approach Lesson Planning?
I share my method for planning religious education sessions.

Preparing My Heart and Mind: Four Ways to Get Ready for the Classroom
Third-grade catechist Lisa Jones shares ways to get ready for a new year of religious education.

Pray as the New Year Begins
Writer Chris Sullivan knows that the most important thing that a catechist can do to prepare for a new year of faith formation is to pray.

Top Ten Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference for Catechists
Joe Paprocki knows that little things that don’t add to planning time can add up to big improvements in teaching.

Three Ways to Turn Your Faith Formation Class into a Mini-Retreat
Director of Religious Education Darcy Osby suggests using class time to give the students an opportunity for stillness and quiet.

What questions do you have as we start the year? What’s your best advice for fellow catechists? Send in your questions and ideas, and let’s help each other feel confident as catechists.

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Denise Gorss is a catechist with more than 20 years experience, mostly in junior high. She appreciates the gifts of Ignatian spirituality and likes sharing various types of prayer with the young people in her groups. She enjoys seeing the world on pilgrimages and lives in the Chicago area, where she works as Web Editor at Loyola Press.

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