Celebrating Easter All Season Long

Living the Liturgical Seasons at Home: Easter

By our conviction of heart and mind, we can be witnesses to the Resurrection just as Mary Magdalene was, not just at Easter but every day. Here are some simple ways to evangelize and keep our Easter joy all season long!

Read. Read the Acts of the Apostles between Easter and Pentecost. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the disciples trying to become the Church community that Jesus intended them to become. Marvel at the wonderous things that happened in the midst of difficult and messy relationships. Discuss your insights with your family and friends. Even better, convene a small group to read the Acts of the Apostles together.

Pray. In the Scriptures we hear of the power of the Holy Spirit in helping us to evangelize. Consider praying the “Come, Holy Spirit” prayer every day together as a family throughout the Easter season. During this time, it would also be good to spend a little extra time in Adoration and prayer, dwelling in the presence of Jesus.

Invite. Reach out and invite someone to Mass, especially if the person has been away for some time. This is a powerful way to evangelize! Research indicates that people respond more to personal invitations than marketing messages. Extend hospitality and a genuine message, something such as, “Our family would love for you to come with us to Mass. We are going to the 10:30 Mass at St. John’s on Sunday. You are welcome to come with us, and we’ll take you to lunch afterward. Our treat!” Keep it positive and uplifting.

Share. During the Easter season, we are urged through the Scriptures to be people who reveal the joy of the risen Lord and share him with others. Is there someone among your family, friends, or parish community in need of a little extra joy? Someone who has lost a loved one? Or a person struggling with ill health? Consider spiritually “adopting” an Easter friend, and find ways to let him or her know that you care. This might include making a meal, sending a note, or taking the friend out for coffee or lunch.

Celebrate. Fifty days after Easter, we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. The Scriptures point to the Holy Spirit coming in tongues of fire on this day, so wearing red to Mass is a subtle nod to this. Celebrate with fire-cooked food on the grill or a fruit salad, because it is so very important to nurture the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Record. After the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, they went out and performed signs and wonders. Create a “Signs and Wonders” board for your family. Encourage family members to record their own little signs and wonders of Jesus and the Holy Spirit during the Easter season. At Pentecost take the board down, and read together all the ways your family experienced God present.

What are your favorite ways to keep Easter joy alive?

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Julianne Stanz is the Director of Outreach for Evangelization and Discipleship at Loyola Press and a consultant to the USCCB Committee on Catechesis and Evangelization. She served previously as Director of Discipleship and Leadership Development for the Diocese of Green Bay. Julianne infuses her talks, retreats, and seminars with humor, passion, and insights from her life in Ireland. A popular speaker, storyteller, and author, Julianne is married with three children and spends her time reading, writing, teaching, and collecting beach glass. She is the author of Start with Jesus: How Everyday Disciples Will Renew the Church, Developing Disciples of Christ, Braving the Thin Places, and co-author, with Joe Paprocki, of The Catechist’s Backpack.

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