Advent Webinar

Advent imageA great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Advent Webinar! In that Webinar, I promised that I would make a number of resources available to you, so here you go!

Here are links to Advent resources on the Loyola Press Website:

Finally, here are links to the books I mentioned in the Webinar, just in case you’d like to take a closer look (remember, you can save 20% on these titles if you order before November 27, 2009 and use promotional code Advent1):

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  1. We “celebrated” the Loyola Press “Advent Intergenerational Event” last week in our Parish….this was a first-ever “whole-family-catechesis” night for us…It was with great joy that I watched our parents and children sharing their Faith as they talked, laughed and ‘played’ their way thru the evening. “Advent Bingo” was a big hit and the little ones loved the “Advent Thank-You Card”…one parent stated: “we are sending this to Grandma”!… The opening Prayer Service and Song went very well! Thank you So Much!!!

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