Rite of Confirmation: Presentation of the Candidates

For our next (and final) Confirmation Intensive, we are going to spend the evening doing some liturgical catechesis: focusing on the Rite of Confirmation which includes the following: the Presentation of the Candidates the Bishop’s Homily the Renewal of Baptismal Promises the Laying on of Hands and the Anointing with Chrism the General Intercessions Over the next week or so, I’ll share with you what I’m developing for each of these 5 elements of the […]

A Saint Paul Play – In Three Parts

Looking for a creative Saint Paul activity to mark this Year of Saint Paul? My good friend and colleague, Jeanette Graham has put together a wonderfully informative and engaging play about the life of Saint Paul in three acts. This will be a great way to bring Saint Paul “to life” for your class, your RE program, your school, or your parish. Enjoy! Paul, the Apostle: A Play in Three Acts to Celebrate the Year of […]

Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift

Week 2 went very nicely last evening. Here are some of the highlights: We met in church for an opening prayer service with the pastor. The kids were well-behaved and participated nicely. The pastor did a very nice job of encouraging the kids to put Jesus first in their lives. That took about a half-hour of the 75-minute class time. Two of the boys in my group asked if they could call me “Dr. Pepper” […]

Reflecting on the Year

Some of you may recall one of my posts from last year at this time when I shared a meditation for catechists to reflect on their year. Here it is again: Many of us catechists are either finished or close to wrapping up the “year” in religious education. This is a good time to reflect on this past year, asking the Lord to help us learn and grow from the experience. Here is a reflection […]

Tonight’s Class: The Ten Commandments

For this evening’s class, I plan to focus on the Ten Commandments. One of the things that the Confirmation assessment revealed is that many of the young people in my group do not know the Commandments well at all. Here’s my plan: Two Sides to Every Coin – I’ll begin by flipping a coin several times, asking different young people to call out “heads” or “tails.” I’ll use this to illustrate that, just as every coin […]

The Our Father – Our Declaration of DEpendence

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting to about 150 high school teens and their group leaders at St. Francis Xavier in LaGrange. Our topic was Living the Mass and we had a very engaging experience together. One of the parts I most enjoyed was speaking about the Lord’s Prayer. Here’s what I did: I recently purchased a replica of the Declaration of Independence (it’s poster size and only cost $9.95 from American Family Traditions […]

Bible PowerPoint – God’s Library

This coming Monday evening is our Open House for the School of Religious Education and we anticipate parents coming to sit in on their children’s sessions. Of course, we want to be sure that some very engaging things are going on that evening! I’ve decided to do a Bible activity with my group which is based on my book God’s Library: A Catholic Introduction to the World’s Greatest Book (this book is now out of […]

Anointing with Oil Acrostic

Victor from California sends along the results of an activity he did with his 8th graders. I’ll let him describe it in his own words: The lesson was on Anointing with Chrism. Following some content and context, I had them divide into groups and do an acrostic with the word “anointing” on poster paper. They got more exposure with oil as I had each of them dip their finger into some fragrant oil and anoint their […]

Catholics are Environmentalists

What does the environment have to do with being a Catholic catechist?  Plenty! The Catholic Conservation Center reminds us that “long before the current ecological movement developed, saints taught respect for all of God’s Creation.” The Center goes on to say: Since its inception, the Church has instructed us on the proper dominion and stewardship of Creation.  This wisdom is made known to us through sacred Scripture, the living Tradition of the Church, the message […]

Leading Reflective Prayer – Yes, Kids Can Meditate

We sometimes think of meditation as something reserved for mystics and monks. Meditation, however, is simply prayer that focuses attention on God so that we can recognize his presence in our daily lives and respond to what he is asking of us. Meditation, also called reflective prayer, involves the imagination. Kids have great imaginations and, as a result, they love to pray in this way. Here are some tips about leading reflective prayer (meditation) from my book, […]

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