More About Art in Catechesis

The other day, I posted about the role of art in catechesis. I’ve received a few passionate responses (and I mean that with the most respect) that I want to share with you (I added some links). Thanks for the great conversation! Greetings Joe!  I disagree that “Catholic Art” has been pushed by the wayside…you just have to look for it and more importantly, when working with children, create an environment that supports their artistic efforts. […]

Catholicism and Baseball

As a baseball fan, I had to share the following with you. Thanks to Lee Nagel (NCCL Executive Director) for sharing this in his weekly update: A Match Made in Heaven – Catholicism and Baseball according to John Allen On April 1st, John Allen, the capstone speaker at our conference in Houston in 2008, had a particularly long column but he ended it by noting that “Yesterday marked the opening of the 2011 campaign, so in […]

Keeping Time the Catholic Way

In my new book, Practice Makes Catholic: Moving from a Learned Faith to a Lived Faith (Loyola Press), I talk about keeping time the Catholic way. In other words, by paying attention to the liturgical calendar, we remind ourselves that time itself is sacramental, revealing the presence of God in each moment. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that a person “is living on borrowed time.” We use this peculiar phrase when referring to someone […]

My Lenten Resources

Here are links to the various Lenten resources that I have to offer…I hope they are helpful to you as we journey together into this holy season! 40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent, 2011 My Lenten Calendar 40-crosses-english-2011 My Lenten Calendar 40-crosses-spanish-2011 Lenten FAQs Video Recording of Joe’s 2010 Lenten Webinar Creative Lenten Ideas Shared by Webinar participants Other Resources Online Lenten Retreat from Loyola Press Lent Resources from Loyola Press Lenten Resources from […]

Roman Missal Webinar Tomorrow!

“Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me…” No, it’s not all about me…that’s just the sound of my voice warming up for tomorrow’s webinar! I’m stretching my vocal chords as I get ready to talk about the changes in the Roman Missal, a subject that is of great importance to anyone who believes that the Mass is the most important thing that we Catholics do! There’s still a little time left to register…HURRY! Don’t forget that you have TWO opportunities to choose […]

I Need Your Input

For my next lesson, I plan to show my class some kid-friendly, Catholic Web sites where they can learn about the Catholic faith. I’m looking for Web sites that are appropriate for intermediate grade kids (grades 4-6), are interactive, and invite kids to learn about and practice the Catholic faith. I have a few in mind already, but I’d like to know what sites you know of and would recommend. I look forward to your […]

Q & A from Yesterday’s Webinar

A number of people sent in some excellent questions during our Webinar last night. Here’s a sampling along with my responses. You’re most welcome to chime in on the discussion. _______________________________________________________________ ‑­Steven Q: ­What are the biggest differences between teaching religion in a five day school and as a catechist once a week.  For the first time in almost 30 years I am doing both at the same time.­ A: Steven, the most obvious of […]

Did I Hear You Ask About ACTIVITIES?

Back on 4/27/10, I received this comment from Michael N. It seems that Catholic religion textbooks (we use one designed for schools) are painfully bad…to the point of being almost unusable. I think I’d do much better if they just gave me a religious-themed coloring book! Any websites you recommend for ideas/content (games, songs, prayers, activities, printable sheets, etc.)?? God bless you! Michael Although I don’t agree with Michael’s assessment of Catholic religion textbooks (what […]

Headin’ West!

This weekend, along with 30,000 of my best friends,  I’ll be attending the Religious Education Congress of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles! I’m doing a presentation on Sunday morning titled “The Spirituality of the Catechist: Re-igniting the Flame.” I look forward to meeting lots of fellow catechists and catechetical ministers as well as seeing many long-time friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. The RE Congress is an exciting celebration of all things Catholic and I look forward […]

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