Last Supper Color-by-Number Activity

Grab the crayons, and complete a color-by-number activity with children to find that Jesus shared bread and wine with his friends. While designed for use with primary grades, the sheet can also provide a relaxing coloring break for older students. Explain that Jesus is present in the consecrated Bread and Wine at Mass. Extend this activity in the classroom using some of these ideas. Read aloud Luke 22:14–20, the Last Supper. For the story adapted […]

Passover Storytelling

In leading a lesson on the Last Supper and the Eucharist, I used most of my usual plan, inspired by Finding God, Grade 7, Chapter 16. And, as usual, I needed to pause in the discussion of the Last Supper to talk about the Passover. Because my group is preparing for Confirmation, three types of young people gather with me each week: those who haven’t been to religious education classes since First Eucharist and First […]

Learning About the Last Supper

As we approach Holy Week, I like to focus my class on the events we recall on Palm Sunday and during the Triduum. That means that one of the chapters we cover during this time of year is the one on Eucharist and the Last Supper (Finding God, Grade 7, Chapter 16). I’m pleased to report that this was one of the most successful sessions we’ve had this year with good engagement from the young […]

Catechists in Action – Len Astrowski Discusses the Eucharist

In this segment of Catechists in Action, seventh-grade catechist Len Astrowski leads a discussion on the Eucharist. Watch for the following: Len reviews the main points of the chapter on Eucharist with his students, asking them to identify the main points that were covered. Notice how Len gently pushes the student responding to take his answer further. Len talks about the fast-food phenomenon and uses that to contrast with the importance of the Eucharist. Len […]

40 Ideas for 40 Days – Lenten Activities: Last Supper Craft

This activity is called Last Supper Craft and comes to us from a Web site called Catholic Icing. It is ideal preparation for Holy Thursday and is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Painting. The nice thing is that Lacy, the host of the Web site, is kind enough to share her printables which make this craft possible. She has a nice tutorial that leads you step by step through creating this simple work […]

Catechists in Action – Nick Teaches His Lesson, Part 3

In our last episode (I love saying that!), 5th grade catechist Nick projected an image of the Last Supper and then had the kids draw their own image. In this segment, watch for the following: Nick describes his own drawing and uses some self-deprecating humor designed to put those who are not good drawers at ease. Nick invites the children to share their drawings if they wish and to describe what they emphasized. Unfortunately, most […]