Answer Keys for Bible Learning Stations Fill-in Sheets

Here are the Answer Keys for the Student Fill-in Sheets that we used for the Bible Learning Stations. While all the “answers” are on the learning stations, it’s nice for the catechist to have them at his/her fingertips when reviewing! Bible Learning Stations fill in sheets – Bible Basics – Answer Key Bible Learning Stations fill in sheets – Old Testament – Answer Key Bible Learning Stations fill in sheets – New Testament – Answer […]

Bible Learning Stations Successful!

Last night, we finally offered our much-anticipated Bible Learning Stations that I have been talking about for the last week or so and I am happy to report that it was a success! Other than the fact that they did not have enough time to finish all of them (so what else is new in the world of RE?), the experience was very positive and the kids were thoroughly engaged (as the pics below reveal). […]

Bible Basics Learning Stations: READY!!!

And finally, here are the 4 Bible Basics Learning Stations for this coming Monday evening’s session. That brings us to a total of 12 learning stations: 4 Old Testament; 4 New Testament; and 4 Bible Basics (below)! Bible Basics Learning Station – How to Find Things in the Bible Bible Basics Learning Station – Bible Timeline Bible Basics Learning Station – How Catholics Understand the Bible Bible Basics Learning Station – The Bible at Mass […]

Old Testament Learning Stations: READY!!!

I’ve completed the 4 Learning Stations for the Old Testament that will be part of our lesson this coming Monday evening. Here they are in PDF: PENTATEUCH Learning Station HISTORY Learning Station WISDOM Learning Station PROPHETS Learning Station Here are the Student Fill-In Sheets for the Old Testament Learning Stations: Bible Learning Stations fill in sheets – Old Testament And here are the Old Testament bookmarks: OT Bookmarks Tomorrow, I’ll get to work on the […]

Opening Mass Tonight; Thinking Ahead to Next Week

Tonight, our religious education program celebrates our Opening Mass in the Church which means that I will primarily be supervising my 6th graders as they gather for Mass and then throughout the Mass. This afternoon, I plan to go over their names so that this evening I will be able to greet them and talk to them by name. As we wait for Mass to begin, I thought I would do some Q & A […]

Getting Ready for My First Session with Sixth Graders

Tonight’s the night! I begin teaching 6th graders (Old Testament)! I’ve put together a little video that shows you some of my catechist preparations not only for tonight but for the year…I hope you find it helpful.   In the video, I mention or show a number of resources. Here are links to all of them: My Session Outline – Session One 9/10/12 My Schedule for the Year PROCLAIMING THE WORD Bookmark in Word Prayer Intentions […]

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