6th Grade, Here I Come!

Christ Our Life Grade 6I’m excited about the prospect of teaching 6th grade religious education next year! I’ve spoken to my DRE, Arlene, and she said that she would be happy to have me take a 6th grade slot come September. This will be the first time that I teach this age level as I continue to experience the catechists’ journey! I’m especially excited about the notion of teaching Scripture (Old Testament) which is the umbrella theme for 6th grade.

Any tips out there from 6th grade catechists?

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16 Responses to “6th Grade, Here I Come!”

  1. Christian Says:

    Expect a lot from them. They don’t need coddling.


  2. grace Says:

    Exciting Exodus Genesis! there was a movie on internet it was free viewing and we read the Exodus chapter in old testament discussed it and then watched
    Exodus with our children at home! they loved it and had some popcorn. they said it was better than Lord of the Rings. We also did the plagues in water color and paint, the art work was amazing! you can even display the art in the church for all to view!


  3. Pauline Says:

    I have taught 6th grade for several years now and have come to the conclusion that to make the Old Testament meaningful and not just about stories, I must parallel the Old and New Testaments. The children have grown up with Jesus and to introduce the Old without Jesus does each a disservice. The connections on the prophesies have to be drawn so the students understand that after the Garden all is leading to the Incarnation. I compare Adam to the New Adam,Jesus; Moses to the new Moses, Jesus. Every aspect of the Old Testament has its roots in the Jesus of Jesus time period. The rituals came from the Old. The changes he made at the Passover before his death lead to the Eucharist.

    I have just studied a wonderful work by Brant Pitrie, JESUS AND THE JEWISH ROOTS OF THE EUCHARIST. Worth a look. I read the entire book but extrapolated the portions I will use and then reworked them into lesson plans that are usable and understandable the keep Jesus on board.


  4. Eleanor Says:

    One of the things I have found that the kids really enjoy (I teach 7th grade) is to be able to act out the scripture story. I read it the first time. Then someone in the class reads it and they are told to pay careful attention to the story. Then I randomly choose kids to play the various parts, including one to be the story narrator. Then we kind of discuss how the story fits into our modern times especially in light of being a 6th or 7th grader. The kids always love doing this.


  5. Joe Says:

    Dusty writes:

    I have taught sixth grade Faith Formation for 7 years now, and I can’t imagine teaching any other grade. Teaching about the Bible to the students is such a wonderful experience. I always learn so much each year from them.
    There is much I would be happy to share with you, but too much to put here.
    Dusty Maiolo


  6. Joe Says:

    Lisa writes:

    Keep them moving… you have about seven minutes of concentration on one thing – then move along to a new way of learning! We created a “flyswatter” game that is very fun and an interactive way of teaching… love those!

    Good luck,


  7. Joe Says:

    Michelle writes:

    Use skits, let them make up a song about the chapter or unit content as a review, hammer prayer memorization every week, make those stories come alive with dramatic retelling of saint stories. These people were renegades for faith! Be excited as you recall Lev rules and how Christ fulfills every type of sacrificial offering they had prescribed. Connect OT to NT – symbology.


  8. Mary Gledhill Says:

    Great year to teach. They are open and interested and challenging. For most of them they have not experienced the Bible as a book. While they know alot of the stories, they have no clue where they can find them. I used your book, The Bible Blueprint, to introduce them. Your dividers were most helpful and we placed those in the Bible where they remained all year. One important thing I found out this year is that their social studies classes at school covered the
    same times in history. This gave them a good prospective on the Judeo-Christian timeline and input on what We believe as Church. They are given their Bibles at the end of the year in a special presentation……What a great time they will have with you!


    • Denise Says:

      I just completed my first full year as a sixth grade catechist after being used to seventh grade. I was surprised how often the kids would tell me, “Oh, that was in our history book,” but it helped in making connections as you say, Mary.


  9. Christian Says:

    “Any tips out there from 6th grade catechists?”

    Well, by coincidence my book on teaching the Bible to 6th graders just became available through CreateSpace today, and in another week or so will be on Amazon. It’s 220 pages of tips! https://www.createspace.com/3835986


  10. Jennifer Fitz Says:

    I was just going to say: Check out Christian’s book. But he said it.


  11. peggy ketron Says:

    Joe would love to hear more about your “flyswatter” game??

    Peggy Ketron


  12. Jared Dees Says:

    When I taught 6th grade, I made the mistake of trying to breeze through the entire Old Testament. The more I focused on real stories the students could connect with, the more they learned and the more they cared.


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