Session 5: God Creates Something Good out of Nothing

Tonight, we are going to focus on the gift of God’s creation as presented in Genesis, chapter 1. Here is my plan.

Big Idea: God Creates Something Good Out of Nothing

Preliminaries: (25 mins)

  1. As students enter, have them work immediately on a Scripture search worksheet, using their Bibles and their Bible bookmarks from The Bible Blueprint.
  2. Allow 10 minutes total and then review.
  3. Invite a volunteer to review how to pray the Rosary.
  4. Do “Ave Maria” matching activity as students view video of The Priests singing Schubert’s “Ave Maria.”
  5. Opening procession and ritual prayer
Engage: (5 mins)
  1. Show video clip of magician (the illusion of creating something out of nothing).
  2. Talk about how magicians create the illusion of doing something that only God can do: create something out of nothing.
  3. Introduce the Book of Genesis and how it begins with God lovingly creating something out of nothing.
Explore: (35 mins)
  1. Reading: Genesis 1:1-5 (In the beginning…)
  2. Read Finding God pages 10-11 (The first creation story).
  3. Show Creation video (7 mins).
  4. Have students fill out Creation Video Guide Worksheet as they view the video (Creation Video Guide Worksheet Answer key).
  5. Review the Video Guide Worksheet.
  6. Invite students to draw a picture of their favorite aspect of God’s creation (Creation drawing); play video in background of “How Great Thou Art.”
  7. Do brief show and tell.

Reflect: (15 mins)

  1. Lead guided reflection from Finding God pg. 12.</li>

Respond: (10 mins)

  1. Have children complete the Creation worksheet as a quick form of assessment.
  2. Distribute Homework Notification Sheet asking parents to help their child to do something in the coming week to care for God’s creation (Caring for God’s Creation).
  3. Closing prayer
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