Win an Exclusive Copy of Pope Francis’s First Book, The Church of Mercy!

Sorry I’m a bit late on this but I wanted you to know about an opportunity for you to win an exclusive copy of Pope Francis’ first book, The Church of Mercy! Be one of the first to read Pope Francis’s new book, The Church of Mercy! Win your copy of The Church of Mercy before the book is officially released on April 20th in our weeklong giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. Simply answer the following […]

Loyola Press to publish English translation of Pope Francis book

I guess I’ll have to share the Loyola Press author spot light with some upstart author! 🙂 (Check out the story in the Chicago Tribune) Seriously, this is such exciting news! Loyola Press has beat out the nation’s top publishing houses for the rights to produce the North American English translation of the first collection of Pope Francis’ words since he became pope. Congrats to Joe Durepos, our Acquisitions Editor, for discovering this “new talent” […]

Food and Faith

Food and Faith is a new Loyola Press online series that celebrates the many ways Catholics express their faith through the culinary arts. The connection between food and faith has always been present, from Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana to today’s celebration of the Eucharist at Mass. Loyola Press is excited to illuminate all the ways we feed our souls at the intersection of food and faith. The series (a part of […]

Congratulations to My Son on His Marriage!

A little time-out from catechetical stuff to celebrate life! On Saturday, my son, Mike, was married to the lovely Sarah Torpy at Christ the King Parish, in Chicago. Thanks be to God for the family and friends who made it such a wonderful celebration and for the great weather! Many blessings, Mike & Sarah!     Here I am with my wife Joanne, the newlyweds Sarah and Mike, and Sarah’s parents, Kristen and John.

Winners of the Opening Doors Awards!

Together with the National Catholic Partnership on Disability, Loyola Press congratulates St. Joseph’s Parish of Moorhead, Minnesota, and All Saints Parish of Dallas, Texas, winners of the inaugural Opening Doors Award. The Loyola Press Opening Doors Award honors a parish community that demonstrates inclusion and engagement practices that facilitate the meaningful participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of the parish community and the life of the Catholic Church. The award will be presented […]

Final Installment from Dr. Joe Bound, Our Pilgrim Reporter in Italy

Over the course of this past week, we’ve been blessed with firsthand reports of the Pilgrimage to Italy and the International Conference for Catechesis from Dr. Joe Bound, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Green Bay; a man dedicated to sound catechesis. Thanks, Dr. Joe, for your excellent reports! We appreciate you taking the time to share your summaries as well as your impressions of the experience of the pilgrimage! Safe travels […]

More Updates from Italy Pilgrimage: Dr. Joe Bound

Here are more updates from Dr. Joe Bound, who has been kind enough to send along reports of his participation in the pilgrimage to Italy over the course of this week. Thanks, Dr. Joe! Wednesday, September 26 This morning right after breakfast at our hotel we took a cab to the Vatican Museum.  We had made arrangements for a 3 hour tour of the Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Bascilica which started at 9am.  […]

Updates from a REAL Pilgrim: Dr. Joe Bound

I mentioned how some folks had been confused, thinking that I was truly on the pilgrimage to Italy when, in fact, I am home in Chicago, leading a VIRTUAL pilgrimage here on my blog! To confuse matters more, now I’m happy to pass along reports from a Joe who is ACTUALLY on the pilgrimage in Italy! His name is Dr. Joe Bound, and he is the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Green […]

Pope Francis and a Change of Tone and Balance

Recently, my stereo just didn’t sound right: I was playing good music but it wasn’t coming across well. Then I realized some of the settings needed adjustment: the tone and balance were off kilter. Once they were re-set, the sound came through beautifully. In much the same way, Pope Francis’ recent remarkable interview is not calling for a change in doctrine but for a change in tone and balance. When the Holy Father said, ““We […]

A Spiritual Enrichment Opportunity for Catechists: Online Writing Retreat

Catechists are always seeking spiritual enrichment. Here is an opportunity that I encourage you to take advantage of if writing is a part of your spiritual experience. Write for the good of your soul! Days of Deepening Friendship, a blog hosted by Loyola Press author and editor Vinita Hampton Wright, is offering a free online writing retreat September 30–October 4, 2013. Vinita will provide daily material, writing exercises, and short prayers to help you nurture […]

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