5th Anniversary Celebration – Guest Blogger #2: Jared Dees

To help celebrate the 5th anniversary of my blog, The Catechist’s Journey, I’ve invited a number of people to be guest bloggers here over the course of a week! Today, I’m featuring Jared Dees, the creator of The Religion Teacher, where he shares practical resources, activities, lesson plans, and teaching strategies for catechists and Catholic school religion teachers. He is the Digital Publishing Specialist at Ave Maria Press, where he manages websites, eBooks, and eTextbooks. He […]

5th Anniversary Celebration – Guest Blogger #1: Gilles Côté

To help celebrate the 5th anniversary of my blog, The Catechist’s Journey, I’ve invited a number of people to be guest bloggers here over the next week! We start with one of the first people I “met” online when I began blogging, Gilles Côté, a Canadian living in Ottawa, who is the webmaster of 4CatholicEducators.com and of its sister site Resources for Catholic Educators. Gilles taught grades 7 through 12 for 23 years in Catholic […]

Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership

As I’m updating my speaking schedule for 2012, I thought I’d share some details with you about one conference in particular that is getting a lot of people excited.  The Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership in Baltimore, Maryland will take place from March 8­–10, 2012 and will host clergy, pastoral life directors, principals of Catholic schools, DREs, faith formation personnel, and many other pastoral leaders. Join the conference and participate in workshops on adult catechesis, […]

Great Resource for Daily Examen

On the Ignatian spirituality blog, dotMagis, my colleague Jim Manney, recently shared a link to a nice resource for praying the Daily Examen. It’s from a Jesuit high school in Houston where they pause at 2:05 pm each day to pray the Examen. This is a good resource not only for use in catechetical settings, but also for personal prayer.

Picturing God

Many of us, myself included, would consider ourselves visual people. A new resource from IgnatianSpirituality.com uses the visual to explore how God can be found in all things. It’s called Picturing God: Faces and Traces of the Divine. Each day that blog will feature a picture that evokes the presence of the divine. Even those catechists who aren’t visual learners themselves will have visual learners in their classes. Check out Picturing God for some inspiration […]

The Online Catechist’s Retreat that Never Ends!

Many of you may recall that last summer, I hosted an online retreat for catechists that was very well received. While the retreat was “live,” we interacted with one another, leaving comments galore and engaging in some robust conversations. Since that time, some folks have found the retreat archived here on my blog and have begun participating at their own pace. Luckily, I am notified that they have joined in and can offer a personal […]

31 Days with St. Ignatius

I know we’re already 2 days into this month of July but I just found out about a nice resource for spending the 31 days of July focusing on St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose feast we celebrate on July 31. It is a calendar full of resources to celebrate all things Ignatian: St. Ignatius, Ignatian spirituality, reflections, prayers, videos, and activities. This makes for a very nice summer exercise for catechists to immerse themselves in […]

In Case You Missed It…Free Webinar

In case you missed the free Webinar I conducted on April 27, it is now available as a recording. You can watch it at your convenience and perhaps get together with a few other catechists to watch it together and discuss as you go along, pausing the recording as you wish. You can download the pdfs of the Catechist’s Self-Evaluation as well. Enjoy!

Growing as a Catechist: Self-Evaluation PDFs

As promised, here are the PDFs of the self-evaluation that we used in tonight’s Webinar. GROWING AS A CATECHIST Self Evaluation I encourage you to share this evaluation with another catechist, a group of catechists, or with your DRE. It’s always good for us to reflect on our experience to see how the Holy Spirit is calling us to grow in our ministry.

Free Webinar Tonight!

Don’t miss tonight’s FREE WEBINAR: Growing as a Catechist: A Self-Evaluation Based on 7 Critical Tools from The Catechist’s Toolbox For more information or to register, click here.

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