Jesus Learning Stations – Here They Are!

October 24, 2008

Lesson Planning

I mentioned yesterday that I was preparing 5 learning stations on Jesus to use this coming Monday. The 5 learning stations are the following:

  1. The world of Jesus
  2. The people of Jesus
  3. The words of Jesus
  4. The miracles of Jesus
  5. The death and resurrection of Jesus

I’ve drawn these 5 categories from the book Jesus: A Gospel Portrait by Fr. Donald Senior (Paulist Press, 1992).

They are available in PDF format. Click on each of the categories above to find that file. Let me know if you have any suggestions (or if you find any mistakes!). Thanks!

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One Response to “Jesus Learning Stations – Here They Are!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Joe, I think your powerpoint project is a great idea. I am not sure I would be able
    to make all the copies needed but I am going to try to use part of it with a 6th
    grade class later in the year. I am lucky in that I am in a Catholic school and have
    access to the computer room on the day I teach the 6th grade. My problem is that
    I have 25 kids in the class and only 15 computers. I will work something out so that
    I can accomplish it within limited time. I will be looking forward to finding out
    how your project goes. Keep up the good work. I get so many ideas for my
    Religious Enrichment classes from your site.


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