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Kathy MacKenzie - seeing the wonder

Kathy MacKenzie has been involved in youth faith formation for the past 12 years, most recently as Director of Religious Education at St. Timothy Parish in Norwood, MA. We asked her to tell us about a favorite moment in the faith-formation year.

Any moment at which I see the bright light of understanding dawning on young faces, an expression of wonder and awe at the beauty that is God’s grace, is an instant of pure joy for me. This I witness most vividly as Spring approaches—First Communion season. Each year, I have the blessed gift of accompanying our second graders as they approach the time at which Jesus first enters them in this new and special way. One of the great honors I have is to practice with them the art of receiving prior to First Communion day, including their first taste of the host—unconsecrated, of course! Curiously they look at the host placed in their hands; tentatively they grasp it with their fingers, mesmerized; slowly they bring it to their lips. Placing it on their tongue, time is suspended for a second as they look up, pondering whether they like the taste. Gently I remind them to make the Sign of the Cross, an act of love for Jesus. Their reverie is broken, and having blessed themselves they move on. I have witnessed a beautiful moment indeed!

What is your favorite moment in the catechetical year?

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  1. Pat writes:

    I had to take a huge leap and put most of our Summer Camp program into the hands of volunteer boys and girls aged 12 to 17. This change was not expected. When they came to volunteer prep day I told them the jobs that needed to be done. The boys, all at one table, started talking about who wanted to do what. They presented me with their sign up sheet. We looked at our materials and Monday went to work. One tries to live in a way that puts all trust in the Lord. I must say, I was asking for His oversight for that Monday.

    Within 15 minutes Monday morning everyone had their questions answered. My moment of sheer release happened when I walked into the art room and the two boys had everything set up for their first group. No one could have done better. I had tears in my eyes as I thanked them for such an excellent job. All the children took such excellent care of their charges that week. The youngest counselors became closer to the group. The oldest counselors shepherded everyone. You could see the pride of a job well done on Friday, but more importantly you could here them singing their praises to the Lord and leading prayer that raised us all to God. My heart has been lighter ever since. My belief has deepened from that one moment in the Art Room with those middle school boys. He teaches you lessons everywhere.

    God Bless. I am grateful that I had a chance to relive that amazing moment once again. Thank you.
    Pat Harris, Director of Faith Formation, St. Margaret of Antioch Parish

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