Happy Feast Day of St. Augustine!

Saint Augustine

Other than my patron saint, Joseph, and St. Ignatius of Loyola, few saints have inspired me as much as St. Augustine, whose feast we celebrate today. When I was a student at St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, I studied Latin for four years and also took an elective on The Confessions of St. Augustine. The class consisted of five or six of us students translating the Confessions from Latin to English line by line under the watchful eye of Mr. Donald Hoffman. This strange little class took place during the lunch hour, so we actually were eating our sandwiches as we translated this great work. While it was very tedious and often boring, I was captured by many of Augustine’s profound thoughts, not the least of which is his famous saying, “Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they find rest in you.”

Here is a list of quotes from the Confessions that I thought you might enjoy reading today to mark his feast.

Here is a brief summary of the life of St. Augustine of Hippo from the Midwest Augustinians.

Here is a brief video reflection on St. Augustine from Cardinal Dolan.

Finally, here is a nice article by my friend, Dr. Michael Cameron, entitled, “Who was St. Augustine and Why Should I Care?” from U.S. Catholic.

Pray as the New Year Begins

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10 Tips for Maintaining Discipline—Free Downloads

10 tips for maintaining discipline

Volunteer catechists come to a new year of faith formation with enthusiasm, excitement, and a love for God, the Catholic faith, and children. But often they also come with apprehension because they have had little to no training in classroom management—things like what to do when the children won’t stop talking or when they interrupt […]

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Busy Families and Faith Formation

family reading

I have a confession to make. I am a soccer mom. This week we will have soccer matches every night for four nights in a row. I am also a DRE and a Ministry Consultant, treasurer for the soccer organization and Saturday concession coordinator, and mother and general problem-solver for five children ranging from middle […]

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Sharing Stories of Faith

storytelling around campfire

We don’t make disciples of Jesus Christ by engaging others in debate or by lecturing to them about principles of dogma. Jesus’ preferred method of engaging others and teaching about the Kingdom was through storytelling. People are more open to hearing a story about an everyday life experience in which God’s nearness is revealed. As a Church, […]

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Happy Birthday to My Mom—Born on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary

A couple of years ago, I was wishing my mom a happy birthday when she said, “To be born on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary—what an honor!” This weekend, we celebrate this wonderful feast (August 22) as my family and I also celebrate my mom’s 88th birthday. Catholics know that anything we say […]

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Revamping Your Parish Registration Process with the “Five W’s”

welcoming man at desk

At a recent Theology on Tap event, I met a young woman named Jennifer. As we talked, I learned that she was a catechist at one particular parish but that she frequently attended Eucharistic Adoration at another parish. I asked her which one she was a member of, and she replied, “Neither. I’m multiparishional. My […]

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Grace in Locked Rooms

key in lock

Before I do any planning or take action in my catechetical ministry, I try to pray for the particular graces I need to do the work Christ has entrusted to me. I begin by imagining that my life is like a house with many rooms. Much like in my own home, there’s the room I […]

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Five Tips for Working with Little Children

catechist working with young girl

Working with young children can be a challenge, but children can also be fun and even give you insights into our faith when you look through their eyes of innocence and imagination. With that in mind, here are five tips for working with little children in faith formation sessions. Know that logic doesn’t always work. […]

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Pope Francis’s Message of Simplicity

Blessed by Less book by Susan Vogt

Since the day he was elected pope, our Holy Father has been teaching us, in word and action, that to follow Jesus means to live a life of simplicity. He appeared on the papal balcony for the first time wearing only the white cassock and simple black shoes, eschewing the red cape with furry trim […]

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