May Crowning Marks a “New Spiritual Season”

Mary statue with flowers

It’s hard to believe but the month of May, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, is only a few weeks away! One of the most beautiful traditions in Catholicism is that of May Crowning. In her book, May Crowning, Mass, and Merton: 50 Reasons I Love Being Catholic, Liz Kelly recalls her childhood experience of May Crownings:

I still remember the aroma of the flowers, the coolness of the spring air, the lightness of spirit that lingered. The promise of everything made new.

May Crowning marked a new spiritual season. Our Mary, queen of heaven and hearth, lifted us right out of the last long, cold days of winter and firmly planted our hearts in the warm and promising soil of spring. …My child’s heart was so full of love for my mother in heaven and understood already what my head could not yet know: Mary would bring me to Jesus.

Once again this year, I am happy to present resources for celebrating Mary during May Crowning. May is also a great time to download the free poster of Marian Devotions, which comes with classroom handouts.

Speaking to the Heart

diverse group of people

Parishes report that Easter Sunday and Christmas Mass are the highest attended services of the year and our congregations are made up of people at many different places in their spiritual journeys. As ministers we have a whole litany of terms for people who do not attend Mass regularly: “Chreasters” and “Eastmasses” for those who […]

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Let’s Make a Deal…and Learn about Making Choices

woman with arms outstretched: Let's Make a Deal and Learn about Making Choices

Group games tend to be a hit with faith formation classes, but we cannot add a game to the lesson plan just to play a game—games should enhance the lesson in some way. That said, there are many great options for student games, many of which are inspired by television game shows. I recently decided […]

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Discipleship Pledge Cards for Pentecost

Discipleship Pledge Cards for Pentecost

Pentecost is just over a month away (May 24), so it’s not too early to talk about how the parish can approach this important day in our Church calendar. Too often, we stop at the perfunctory: ask everybody to wear red, sing some Holy Spirit hymns, and invite people to read the Prayers of the […]

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End of the Catechetical Year Resources

2 1/2 stars on rating scale

With April here, many catechetical programs are beginning to wind down for the year. This is a perfect time to do some evaluation and reflection on your year as a catechist. Over the past few years, I’ve developed some end-of-the-year resources that catechists and catechetical leaders can use for this very purpose. I offer them […]

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Five Tips for Celebrating the Easter Season in Your Classroom

spring flowers

The DreamWorks film, Rise of the Guardians, presents the legendary figures of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman as the protectors of the innocence, hopes, and dreams of children. In one important scene, the Easter Bunny explains to Jack Frost, the newest guardian, the meaning of Easter. “Easter is new […]

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How to Learn the Paschal Greeting with a Tech Twist

girls doing Easter QR codes activity

I love seeing my students after our Easter break. They look fresh-faced with that “I-just-got-a-haircut” look, they seem taller, and they are sporting a new pair of shoes! I greet them with with colorful Easter decorations, which include my table-top sized Easter tree. Each Easter I love teaching my students about the Orthodox paschal greeting. […]

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Simon Says Pray

illustration of children playing

It’s spring! We all look forward to this glorious time of year, especially after a long, dreary winter. But spring also makes it difficult for children to fight the wiggles and sit still during religious education class. They would much rather run and play and enjoy the sunshine like the rest of us. Rather than fight […]

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Revisiting the Notion of Brokenness and Adult Faith Formation

younger person helping elderly person

It would seem that I touched a nerve (in a good way) when I suggested recently that our adult faith formation efforts need to focus on brokenness. This idea really seems to resonate with people, based on the volume of comments and the number of people who shared the post on social networks. Thanks for […]

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