First Sunday of Lent, Year C

Limbourg brothers, "The Temptation of Christ" - see the Arts & Faith: Lent video on this

In Luke’s Gospel, the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert appears just after Jesus’ baptism and before Jesus begins his public ministry. We can imagine this as a time of transition, a turning point in Jesus’ life. Perhaps we can liken it to one of the important turning points in our own lives: the decision to marry, the birth of a child, the acceptance of a new job, or the decision to move to a new home. After the moment of decision, having reached the point of no return, we sometimes begin to wonder if we are prepared and ready for the task before us.

Turning points can be times of doubt and insecurity. When young children experience moments of insecurity, they latch onto a security blanket. As we grow older, our “security blankets” become more sophisticated. When we face doubt or insecurities, temptations often enter in, enticing us to place our trust and confidence in something or someone other than God. Jesus’ response to the temptations of the devil offers an example for responding in faith when our doubts and insecurities tempt us to distrust God’s sufficiency. Jesus rebukes the devil by quoting Scripture. Each citation is an affirmation of trust in God. We learn to trust in big things by practicing trust in little things. Our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving invite us to trust God in these small ways. They prepare us to trust in God in all things, especially in moments of doubt and uncertainty. They remind us that God will suffice for us and that the power of Christ alone compels us.

Reflection/Discussion Questions

  • What are some of the more sophisticated “security blankets” that adults turn to when experiencing doubts and insecurities?
  • What was a “turning point” in your life when you experienced some degree of insecurity?
  • Jesus responded to the devil with Scripture. What Scripture verse(s) can be helpful in battling temptations?
  • What specific practices do you plan to begin this week to resist temptation and to reinforce that it is the power of Christ alone that compels you?

For complete materials on reflecting on the Lenten Scriptures, download free discussion materials for Lent.

Keep the Lent Momentum Going: A Lesson in Spiritual Physics

Ferris wheel in motion

If you are like me, on Ash Wednesday you make about 20 Lenten promises: I’m going to give up sweets, pray evening prayer every day, go to weekday Mass twice a week, give a weekly donation to a charity, etc. These promises usually last until the following Friday, and then it all falls apart. How do […]

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Scripture Skits—Free New Testament Plays

Scripture Skits - New Testament

Children excel at pretending, so get them out of their seats to learn about Scripture with our free New Testament plays. Key teachings of Jesus from the Gospels form the basis for these Scripture skits: Jesus Teaches How to Live and Love Jesus on the Mountainside: The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Sermon […]

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Preparing for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday - girl with ashes

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so we’ll take all the children in the religious education program to church for Mass. It’s the same Mass the full parish is invited to, and it’s usually crowded. By taking the children to this Mass, we emphasize that not only is Ash Wednesday something special, but that we are part of […]

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God Provides! Small Faith Groups Update

small group

As I reported a couple of weeks ago, I am assisting Christ the King Parish in Chicago in implementing small faith groups for the Lenten season. We did many preparations to get this initiative off the ground, including the following: recruiting small-group leaders displaying posters and signs on parish grounds training leaders advertising with bulletin […]

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Getting Ready for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday - girl with ashes

Realizing that over the next few days, many of you will be preparing people for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, I thought I would remind you of some resources that might be of assistance to you. Ashes (blog post) What’s That on Your Forehead? (my popular Ash Wednesday post) Lent FAQ with Joe […]

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More than a Sacrifice: Making Lent Count

Lent - cross with purple cloth

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?” This is a common question among Catholics, young and old alike. But Lent is about more than giving something up. Through the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, Lent prepares us for Easter. Yet when young people focus on what they give up for Lent, this season […]

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A Lent of Mercy

foil Stations of the Cross

My third graders always embrace Lent. I will include all my usual Lenten activities this year, but because this is the Year of Mercy, I will be adding some new activities that will help my students perform works of mercy. The first activity will be a visual reminder of Lent. (My young students are visual […]

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Expect the Unexpected

open book

This week in third-grade faith formation class, we were to introduce the students to the seven Sacraments, focusing on two of the Sacraments of Initiation—Baptism and Confirmation. Excited to share this lesson, I brought pictures of my own Baptism and Confirmation to show the children. We had barely started with class prayer and introducing the […]

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Beginning a Homily Prep Ministry

Is preaching homilies a challenge? Certainly. Any congregation can appreciate the fact that it is not possible to be spectacular week in and week out. By the same token, this is precisely why (theoretically) only specific individuals are ordained for this task: they are supposed to be individuals with a charism for preaching who have undergone […]

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