Hosting Small Faith Groups: A Summary of Links

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Over the past six weeks, I’ve shared a series of posts on how to host small faith groups in the parish, with an eye toward Lent. Special thanks once again to St. Barnabas Parish in Chicago for sharing the inner workings of their successful experience, Companions on the Journey, for our benefit.

Here, in one convenient space, is everything you need to implement small faith groups in your parish!

How to Host Parish Small Faith Groups Posts

Loyola Press Resources for Small Faith Groups

Download my slideshow presentation for training small group facilitators and free discussion materials for Lent, Year B.

I’ll be reporting on the 2015 experience of Companions on the Journey at St. Barnabas. Please do send in descriptions of your experiences as they unfold this coming Lent.

Promoting Catholic Identity, Part 3: A Respect for Human Life

young people on service day with water bottles

This is the third article in a series on the five characteristics of Catholic identity and how we can nurture those in our children. We teach children to love and serve others, but do we ever explain why? Service is not just something nice to do; it is an important piece of our Catholic identity. […]

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Hosting Parish Small Faith Groups—Free Discussion Materials for Lent

Facilitating Small Faith Groups for Lent

Jesus was often surrounded by large crowds, clamoring to hear the Teacher speak. But Jesus first was only known to a small group, the Apostles. After the Resurrection, the Disciples continued spreading Jesus’ message to other small groups—the Philippians, the Ephesians, the Corinthians—and the tradition of small groups of devoted followers continues to this day. […]

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Called to Be Saints

early saints of the Church

We are all called by God to be saints. Every year, I strive to teach the children in my parish third grade religious education class that they are included in that call. I explain that the saints were not perfect; they were regular people who sometimes messed up. The difference is that saints changed their lives […]

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How to Host Parish Small Faith Groups, Part 6

group of people

This is the last post in our series on how to host small faith groups in your parish. I have been drawing on the successful experience of St. Barnabas Parish in Chicago, which gathered over 200 parishioners to participate in small faith groups last Lent. Today we look at what must be done throughout the […]

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I Need Your Input

"Your input needed" written on note card

In my work in adult catechesis this year, I am assisting the pastoral staff of St. Barnabas Parish in Chicago with articulating a vision for adult faith formation for the parish. We are using the Six Tasks of Catechesis to guide our efforts and we are presently working on the first task, which is Knowledge […]

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The Spiritual Life of Catechists, Part 6: Participation in the Community

people singing at Mass

This is the sixth article in a series about the spiritual life of catechists, inspired by the list of characteristics in the National Directory for Catechesis. Catechists and catechetical leaders generally don’t sit in ivory towers reading theology in their spare time (thankfully!) Theirs is a lived faith, and nothing indicates that more than active […]

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Where Have You Been, Lord? Praying the Examen with Your Families

family praying in church

I always found our opening prayers for Confirmation and First Eucharist meetings to be challenging. Normally these involved something written down, something we would all read together, or maybe a pertinent piece of Scripture, or maybe both. It often felt dry and mechanical. What I wanted to do was engage our families, invite them to […]

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The Advent Prayer Grab Bag

Advent grab bag

Traditional Advent activities include Advent wreaths, calendars, and Jesse trees. While these are all great ways to help children celebrate the season, I like using something different: the Advent prayer grab bag. The prayer grab bag takes its inspiration from the popular party game of grab bags. I ask my group if anyone has ever […]

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How to Host Parish Small Faith Groups, Part 5

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As we continue our series on how to host Lenten small faith groups in your parish, we turn our attention to the immediate weeks before the program starts. I am drawing on the successful experience of St. Barnabas Parish in Chicago where last year, over 200 parishioners gathered to participate in small faith groups during […]

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