Jesus Is Our Redeemer

Here’s my lesson plan for Monday, November 1, 2010:

Theme: Jesus is our Redeemer

Big Idea: Through his death and Resurrection, Jesus redeems us – restores our “reputation.”


  1. As kids enter, give them a “Do You Know Your Trophies?” worksheet and have them match famous trophies with the correct sport.
  2. Go over the answers.
  3. Show them a trophy you have and talk about what a trophy symbolizes (victory)
  4. Show them a crucifix and explain that this evening, we’re going to learn how the Cross of Jesus is a symbol of victory
  5. To mark All Saints Day, invite the kids to participate in a small procession around the room leading them to decorate the prayer table as we sing a Litany of Saints. Teach them to sing the response, “Pray for us.”


  1. Explain that since we began on the topic of sports, we’re going to keep going: say, “last week the Bears and their quarterback Jay Cutler played a really bad game. Next week, they really need to REDEEM themselves.”
  2. Ask what it means to REDEEM. (to restore one’s reputation, value, worth)
  3. Explain that we call Jesus our Redeemer. (Our parish’s name is Most Holy Redeemer). Ask children to explain what it means to call Jesus our Redeemer (he restores our reputation, value, worth, etc. after we sin)
  4. Explain that we’ll learn how Jesus redeems us and how his Cross is a symbol of victory for us.
  5. Distribute BLM 22 Jesus the Redeemer and read aloud the items saying, “blank” for each blank space.
  6. Arrange the kids in pairs, and have them read aloud to one another Finding God pgs 60, 62, and 63 (alternating readers with each paragraph) and pausing at the end of each page to fill in answers on the BLM.
  7. Review the correct answers to BLM 22.


  1. Play the song Lift High the Cross (YouTube reflection with lyrics)

  1. Give each child a small crucifix and send them to their sacred space
  2. Lead a guided reflection on Jesus is my Redeemer.


  1. Take crucifixes home and put in your room in a place where it will remind you each day that Jesus is your Redeemer and that it is a symbol of victory. Let it remind you to be forgiving of others.
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  1. This comment came via email from Lisa:

    A million thanks for sharing the Catechist lesson for Monday, Nov.1,All Saints Day.Your thoughtfulness in giving some of your precious time in sending this lesson plan through e-mail is so beneficial to all the catechist in promoting the effectiveness of their calling as Christ desciples.Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you,beautiful children of God,may the Good Lord, bless and keep us all in His compassion and love. Love and Prayers,Lisa Anasco

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