40 Ideas for 40 Days – Lenten Activities – Stations of the Cross Carousel

February 13, 2012

Lent, Lenten Activities

Lent is right around the corner! With that in mind, I’m happy to share with you one of a number of NEW activities for my 40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent!


This activity is called Stations of the Cross Carousel and provides young people with an opportunity to be creative while reflecting and praying upon the Stations of the Cross.

You can get all the details here.

40 Ideas for 40 Days

Download the PDF version of this activity.

40 Ideas for 40 Days

Check out all of the activities for Lent.

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6 Responses to “40 Ideas for 40 Days – Lenten Activities – Stations of the Cross Carousel”

  1. Charlene Edmundson Says:

    I am trying to find the free print out for the Stations of the Cross carousel.


  2. Monica @ Equipping Catholic Families Says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for showcasing my Stations of the Cross Carousel. The images I used come from http://www.catholicartworks.com/
    These people are friends of mine and I love using their awesome Catholic illustrations. You will see the images in a lot of crafts online; I think they were once offered free through Catechist Magazine?
    Thanks for sharing…I hope you will check out more on my website (www.equippingcatholicfamilies,com)…as well as a new Catholic blog for Catholic Bloggers that I’m a part of: http://www.catholicbloggersnetwork.com. Lots of cool blogs, posts and support for Catholics!
    God bless you!


    • Joe Says:

      Monica, thanks so much for sharing that link with us. The carousel is just one of many great ideas you shar on your site…thanks so much and keep up the great work!


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